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[Game 2 Feedback from Pan]
Ok so after last nights fighting I think I need to retool some encounters a bit. So far it seems like you guys do really well against Brutes, and Soldiers but get beat down pretty bad by anything Controller or Skirmisher. Last nights 5 encounters were taken from a module that I dumbed down (took out enough xp in each encounter to make it the same level for a smaller party). Looking at the other encounters it has listed I am seeing a lot more of the same and ultimately not much branching or creativity in the setting so I am going to scrap those and go back to doing my own thing.

Oh and I just realized that the Bloodclaw property can only be added to melee attacks. So I need to pick a different ability. Rebounding it is. Check it out in the item section.

Things I liked about last nights game:

I liked the skill challenges. I think the first one is a good example of how we can use them to handle exploration tasks. Figuring out how many days it takes to travel and representing hazards of that experience without having to have a fight every time. The second one taught me a lot about adding events inside of the skill challenge. I can’t quite decide if the events were too hard, or if they were just bad rolls, or if they were just skills you guys didn’t have but it turned out much harder then I expected.

Combats were dynamic. I felt like there was a lot of motion in the fights. I felt like the design of the rooms made people move around a bit more, had a few elements that were intractable, and the bad guys movement seemed to encourage more then simple rock em sock em action.

What I didn’t like:

I felt like the action and events were a little more railroad straight then I like (I typically don’t like dungeon crawls). I don’t know that I will do a lot of them in our game in the future.

I have accidentally given far too much incentive to sell the portal information (which a reward would be more then what level appropriate loot would provide for the most part) rather then keep it. I need to work more on providing incentive to keep it so its more of a choice.

The monsters seemed to be hitting harder then I would like. Some of that was lucky/unlucky rolling but they also have some pretty hefty damage codes 2d6+9 for instance. When I read it at first glance it didn’t seem that nasty but seeing it in action was pretty gross.

Things I’m going to keep an eye on

I need to closely watch the cost of living endurance rolls and make sure they are working as intended. Obviously we are in a very unforgiving area with less then prime circumstances but the question right now is whether it is providing the right results. I created the rule when I thought I wasn’t going to have multiple encounters per game session (most of my games are not dungeon crawls and I’m use to big groups that take a LONG time in combat). We still really haven’t strung a lot of encounters together but we did have 3 in a row with lower then usual healing surges and no daily attacks. Looking at it right now I think the -3 healing surges base is not really too bad for high con characters but it seems to be highlighting the difference in con more then I intended for Orsini. I am thinking about making it a -2 instead but I’m going to wait for at least another game session to before doing that.

Thing I want to try and do

Standardize the mini’s a bit more. I want to number all of the ‘Risk’ minis so you can tell me which bad guy is which. That will allow me to use multiple red melee looking guys on the same map without giving away that one is or is not a minion. Then the other nice thing is I can make sure that you guys know what ‘role’ each bad guy has based on the model representing him. So instead of you guys having to ask “which ones are the most armored” hopefully you will be able to look down at them and just know.

Shields (all colors) = Soldiers
Goblins (red/black) = Skirmishers (melee)
Archers (green/yellow) = Skirmishers (range)
Horsemen (all colors) = Lurkers
Ogres (black/red) = Brutes
Eagles (green/yellow) = Controllers


The Enduring Three

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