The Enduring Cities

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The Brass City

A shining jewel resembling the splendor of middle eastern cities. This is the abode of the Efreet’s known for its civil wonders. Bath houses, gymnasiums, libraries, universities, natural parks, and marvelous architecture can be found everywhere in the city. Citizens benefit from the best services in the whole of the Crucible but they only make up one fifth of the population. Anyone found to violate one of the cities many laws or customs finds themselves punished with indentured servitude



Perpetually overcast, raining, or dark. The city seems to sap the spirit leaving citizens in a severe mood at all times. The cities Aristocrats still hold much power and the history of the city ways heavy on the present. Buildings seem perpetually prepared to topple over. Those buildings that are not frequently used collapse on themselves suddenly only to reassemble elsewhere in the city


The Gearworks

No central government exists here. The perpetual glowing sunset illuminates a city free of any sort of order. Technology is rapidly developed, arcane mysteries studied without regard for safety and crime is rampant. There seems no rhyme or reason to the development of this city other then the whims of its inhabitants. Steam powered machinery is common, as are airships which provide transport to and from the major cities. Piracy is very common in the city and the guilds find the most leeway to operate here


The Enduring Cities

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