The Enduring Three

Twist of Fate

Session Two: Twist of Fate

The heroes find themselves amid the harsh deserts of the wastelands. With only a week of poor rations, they immediately set out for the nearest known source of food – the trail of the missing Syndicate caravan. Ishkur’s past as an astral explorer comes to the fore, as he successfully navigates the new territory, recalling past landmarks that Orsini and Xathos have never even heard of.

A brief encounter with some of the local fauna exposes them to exploding tanglevines and crystal arachnids, but does little to slow their forward progress. After a long trek, the ‘horns’ described by the esoteric rescue note are thought to be made out on the mountains approaching, and when the group arrives at the location, they see the remnants of the caravan they’d been looking for.

Currently overrun by (Garruk?) raiders, the Syndicate caravaneers have been bound and blindfolded, led away to be tossed one by one into a giant, whiling tornado, that for some reason remains in place, even if the winds and sand it kicks up spread throughout the area.

The three act swiftly, rushing forward to engage the enemy, who’s own lookouts have notified the raiders of the approach, and violence erupts. The three heroes begin to coordinate their tactics as a team, with Xathos and Ishkur taking the brunt of the forces, while Orsini ambushes straggles and critical targets from among the shadows and crevices.

The raiders are systematically butchered, with only one escaping to tell the tale – though three of the Syndicate men lose their lives to the tornado itself. Taking a moment to release the men, and secure a campground, the three realize belatedly that the men who died most likely have Portal Stones on their person. Taking a gamble, they press inside of the twisting monstrosity, hoping to find the eye.

Their hopes are as dashed as their bodies as they are flung and flipped throughout, blinded and blasted with sand and rocks. They barely make it through to the other side where a stone face of a door peers out of them. Not wishing to risk another push through the whirlwind, they begin to explore the inside.

the whole place thrums with noise and electricity, small (beasts) having taking up residence to feed upon the power sources. The heroes trip some sort of security system and are surpsied to see arcs of lightning spring from nearby obelisks to hinder their movements and harm. They are pushed deeper into the cavern as they fight a retreating battle against the resourceful enemies.

Morale begins to dip, and they spend a haunting night attempting to rest and recuperate, but the travails offer them little respite. After collecting themselves and pushing forward once more, the three stumble into a larger cavern with an underground river. More (beasts) are present, along with their pack leader, but when the heroes cross the river to engage, a gong sounded by one of the creatures summons forth a large crab-beast, forcing the heroes to fight on two fronts.

Pushed back and back, it looks quite grim for the three, but despite the death of the gods, perhaps some kind fate is looking out for them, and they barely overcome the odds. A strange key-device on the pack leader is uncovered, as well as a strange hand-crossbow that Orsini quickly claims as his own.



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