The Enduring Three

Unexpected Withdrawals

Session One: Unexpected Withdrawals

Wary neighbors in the slums of the Sea are thrust together when Consortium thugs continue the practice of rounding up the poor and defenseless for slave-chattel. Orsini, Ishkur and Xathos are unwittingly pushed to common cause in a lackluster defense of their “homes,” which swiftly turns into a rout. The three realize their odds of escape are better together, and the three overcome the pursuers, happening into a brief respite with a none-too-pleased fence named Drach.

Drach is no ordinary fence, however, and his ties to the Chain are discovered. Hearing of the three’s run-in with the Consortium, Drach offers them a chance for work, and perhaps a foothold into the Chain itself.

Meeting a mysterious Changeling contact, Sixetu, she/he/it sends them on a case and rob mission of a local pawn shop run by Amos, with known ties to the Consortium. Seeking a means to feed themselves, and in no small way tempted to put another black mark on the eye of Jalen, the local Consortium Underboss, the three accept. Their goal is a chest marked with a lion insignia, anything else is theirs to keep.

Crawling through the sewers and old smugglers tunnels beneath the city, the three gain access to the vaults of the shop, only to trigger an alarm and come face to face with Maul, a quite sour Bugbear Mercenary, and some sort of Clay Imp guardian. Whether the close confines of the fighting area, or the favor of the fates, the three succeed in destroying the guardian and forcing Maul to surrender.

Using the great beast as little more than a pack mule, the three make their escape back into the city with the prime loot under the shop. A conversation on whether to look into the chest itself is interrupted when Maul grows weary of the antics and unceremoniously drops the thing, revealing a set of notes and arcane maps.

Their curiosity piqued, the three begin to translate the findings, discovering what they believe to be the location of an unclaimed portal to the oldworlds. Deciding to investigate themselves, they are successful in finding the portal – though perhaps not as hoped, as they find themselves in the unfamiliar terrain of a desert wasteland, withdrawn from the Enduring Three entirely.


This is a fantastic summary, and the name is inspired. :)

Unexpected Withdrawals

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